We Had Fun Once

I have always been intrigued by funfairs around Singapore, albeit a little too old now for most rides. Whenever I spot one, I will walk through it just to evoke that excitement I used to have during my younger years. The huge machines whirring over the crowd never fail to leave me entranced. Even the game booths seem to be imbued with tension as onlookers eagerly watch players’ next move.

We had fun once. We rode the merry-go-rounds, knocked into one another with bumper cars and fished ducks out of small ponds. We held onto our prized possession - a stuffed toy or a plastic figurine - with so much pride after every win. Our innocence was evident.

These exhilarating experiences were usually left forgotten as we grew out of our childhood. Caught up with the next stage of our lives, we stopped visiting funfairs. Not growing old is never an option but let us not forget the how simple a pleasure funfairs gave most of us.

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